Guest Cat

Time for the Guest Cat post again. Are you ready for cute kitties?
october 020
This was taken almost a year ago when mama and papa were frequenting the shelter in search for a doggie. A week or so after this was taken, I showed up in the same shelter and was snatched by mama and papa and given a home. I feel nostalgic. My gotcha day is coming soon. Can't believe I've been home for almost a year now.

Oooops this post is about these cuties. I hope that they found a wonderful home just like I have.



  1. They sure are cute! And yes, we hope they found wonderful homes too. :)
    What are your plans for your 1st Gotcha Day, Buster?

  2. What a beautiful trio! I hope they find their Forever home soon, too!

  3. The three little kittens are soooo cute , say´s my mom.
    It´s soon my 1:st gotcha day too :)

  4. My human always gets sad when she sees kitties in cages - she hopes they found a home too!

  5. Buster,
    I like the fact that your pawrents were looking for woofies but end up with you instead. So, when's the party? purrr...meow!

  6. They are sooooooo adorable, I am certain some weak Human could not resist them!

  7. They are cute friends indeed, thanks for sharing this lovely picture!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA


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