Buster and Emma 072
Buster: Mama where did all these bugs come from?
Mama: From the software silly :)

Buster, Emma and I are going on a little blog break. Mama and Papa need a little time away from work before the hectic holiday season somes around.

We will miss you while we're away, but not as much as I will miss my furbabies - Emma and Buster.

See you soon kitties. Could you come over and visit the kitties while we're away so they won't be too lonely? The humans who will accompany them, g'ma and cousins will definitely spoil them rotten.



  1. Oh boy! Can we come over for a house-trashing party???

  2. @ SPITTY - Mama is still here Spitty, I heard that!

  3. Oh yes, a house trashing party! We're in!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. We are so up for a house trashing!! We'll be there!!

  5. I would LOVE a parrrrtaaaaaaaay TOO!!!

    Love, Cody

  6. Did sumbody say house trashin??? We're in! xoxo

  7. Watch out! There's a spider above you, Buster!
    Just state the time and we'll be there for the house trashing party! Heeheehee.

  8. We should announce the party on facebook and then trashing will be on a much larger scale hehehehe!! ahem! >^,.^<

    Isn't it what all kids do these days?

  9. Enjoy your break dear friends!
    I will be here thinking of you all!
    Luna - WE love LUNA

  10. May be we can come and stay for a while - we need a break from mum!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Enjoy your selves! We'll help Emma and Buster keep an eye on the house, yup sure thing. No worries about trashing, parties, nip... Anything. Nope, don't worry.

  12. Have fun on your break! We're headed over now to help Emma and Buster take care of things. :)

  13. Haf a good break! I'm coming ofur to bisit Emma and Buster!

  14. Hi, Emma and Buster! You say you need some feline company? I'll be right over with some of my favorite mousies and some Temptations!

    Your friend, Zoe


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