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A closer look at my pretty little girl. IMG_0023 IMG_0019 IMG_0015

Isn't she lovely? This is catmama asking other catmamas for advice. My Emma has both eyes watery and a little film of cloudy membrane like cover about 1/4 of her eyes. She has not exhibited any change in behavior or appetite. We gave her GNC vitamins. It has been quite chilly here lately. I checked online and people said that cats gets cold too. We noted she was sneezing, but not often. Anyone has any advice? Thanks. We haven't been able to do the rounds in the past few days. We have been busy. Will find more time to see what you have been doing in the coming days. This is my entry for this week's CATS ON TUESDAY.


  1. Mom said if she were you she will take Emma to se the VET ! Cloudy eyes can be lots of things for kitty !
    it can be just cold like you said or it can be Cataract, Diabetes, or Corneal Ulcer. To Be sure, better check with your local VET.
    But I'm sure I do paws crossed for Emma, I hope nothing wrong with her eyes

  2. It does sound like a cold - Binga gets them around once every year or two - but you might want to take her to the vet to make sure. Like Mr. Puddy said, it could be symptoms for something else.

  3. I think I'd take her to the vet too just to be on the safe side. Hope all is well with her - she's such a sweetie.

  4. Be still our hearts. How pretty you are, my dear. Mommy says we get like that, but it is allergies, but of course we lif in Oklahoma. We'll send you sum purrs and pawsitive thoughts.

  5. It could be a conjunctivitis, if it doesn't get better you should ask a vet. Cats get that too. Maybe it goes away from alone. Anyway vitamins are always good and if she has a normal behavior it shouldn't be anything very serious.
    Your pictures are gorgeous !

  6. Gorgeous Emma! The only kitty with any sort of ailment in this house is Tom and he hasn't got his eyes infected in any way...touch wood. As wise Mr Puddy said, better visit Dr Chris Brown...ooohhh....I mean the vet soon. purrr....meow!

  7. For a regular cold, the amino acid, L-Lysine will help. You can get it in gel capsules that open up, and then just sprinkle the powder into wet food. Usually 500 mg per day. Even our vet suggested it, though the mom's already been using it for years.

    However, we're not sure about the film over the eye...We sometimes get weepy eyes with a cold virus flare-up, but not filmy eyes. Our mom probably would have it checked out to be on the safe side. We get only one pair of eyes, after all. :-)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous macro shots, btw!

  8. Probably best be safe. Take her to the vet. As has been said, it could be a symptom for something other than a cold. Probably not, but best be sure,

    Great shots!

  9. Ahhh..poor Emma. Cats do get colds and if she is eating and normal behavior, it's probably nothing serious. Although the "film" on the eye concerns me a little. If doesn't improve soon, I'd take her to the vet. Sending hugs and purrs,
    Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam

  10. I think a visit to the vet would be in order. I know my vet told me once a film on the eyes can be a sign of something going on.

    I hope it isn't anything serious.

    We send purrs and pawsitive thoughts

    Peanut, Marshmallow and
    their Mama

  11. Eyes are precious and we think that Emma ought to see a vet. It is best to be sure her eyes are OK.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  13. Cats do get colds. We recommend having a vet check it out so that they can make sure they get rid of it--colds can get serious in kitties. Better now than when she stops eating.

  14. Aww, she is so pretty!

    I agree with the others about seeing a vet about the film on the eyes, that warrants being checked out.

    That said, kitties do get colds and that may be what the vet says it is. Our one kitty, Giblet the Kitten, gets colds several times a year for some reason. He is just prone to them -- he sneezes (a lot!) and get one weepy eye and snuffles. He sounds quite pathetic although I suspect he makes it sound worse to get sympathy :-)

    I do hope she feels better soon! The kitties are all send purrs and hugs!!

    Visiting from Cats on Tuesday,
    The Furballs
    Bonkers in Barnhart

  15. It's probably best to bring her to the vet for a proper diagnosis. But in the meantime, you could perhaps try to boost her immune system which may help if she is having a cold?
    When any of my cats start sneezing, I give them an immune booster (called Vetri DMG). I've had very good results with this.
    We hope Emma feels better soon.

  16. Emma,
    what a great stripe on your nose yous has! Me is sorry yous is not feeling well.


  17. Oh Emma you are so gorgeous. WE hope that your symptoms have cleared up but if not it would be wise to go have them checked at your Vet.

  18. My senior dogs Sumo and Sweepy had them during the cold months but its gone now. The VET would know after a round of tests ;-)

  19. We would see a vet, too. WHen ,y babies get runny eyes it is usually a cold but the vet is always concerned that it is herpes of the eye!

  20. That's a very kissable nose!!

    Like others have said, cats can get colds so you may want to have Emma checked by your vet before it gets worse.

  21. What gorgeous pictures! We will send up prayers for you sweet Emma. We hope you are all well very soon and it is nothing serious. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. Poor Emma :(
    I hope she is feeling better now !
    Purrs and hugs


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