It's Emma Again

03-29-11 012

I will let my mama talk to you kitties.

Dear Kitties and Catmamas,

The purrs and support you have sent us have been very comforting. I felt embarrassed, such an embarrassment of riches, sort of. Our little worries garnered so much purrs. You have been very very welcoming to us when I first started blogging and have immediately felt a part of the catblogging community. That feeling of being a part of community never left us, especially during this time.

Our pain has nothing to do with the four of us (humans and kitties), but has something to do with homeless kitties that we feed. We are still wincing and continue to feel uncomfortable sharing this.

We do however want your continuous purrs that we may make the right decision about the kitties we help feed.

Thank you very much for all the love you have sent our way.

Always grateful,
Catmama (the one that Emma and Buster adopted)


  1. Hi Emma !
    Of course I will continue to send purrs for the homeless kitties <3
    I´m sure your humans making the right decisions about them !

  2. I worry a lot about homeless kitties everywhere! So I am already purring for the ones you are helping. Have you been in touch with Alley Cat Allies? They are often very helpful with issues involving kitties with no homes.

  3. Purrs and universal Light to you, and we ask the Universe that you do what is for the homeless cats' Highest Good.

    A TNR group's help would be great, if such a thing exists in your area.

  4. Sending our atrongest purrs in your direction!

  5. Sending purrs and hugs to the homeless kitties and you. We are relieved to hear you and yours are well.

  6. WE are glad to hear you are all well but sad that the homeless kitties are experiencing problems. Mom has been feeding homeless kitties for a while but the last two days she has not seen Mrs Gray.

  7. It is always hard to find the right solution for homeless kitties because it is such an overwhelming problem and you often feel alone. We hope you were able to work something out that was best for all involved-

  8. It is hard work looking after the homeless ones. I hope homes can be found for them all xx

  9. We're glad everyone in your family is doing fine. We're going to send our purrs that whatever decision you need to make would be the right one.

  10. We send you purrs. We know how difficult it is to decide how best to handle homeless kitties. We're sure you'll do what's best.

  11. We are sending gigantic purrs to all of you and those homeless kitties!

  12. Hi sweet furiends,

    Purrs to all of you! We hope you are all taking care of one another XOXO

    Also, in my picture tonight I am sitting in my little tent with the round opening. It's very comfy to rest my little chin on the lower part of the opening. So, there's nuffing around my neck; it's just the opening to my favorite sleeping place!

  13. I'm thinking of you and sending purrs!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  14. It isn't easy but helping the homeless ones is so important. We send tons and tons of purrs too.

  15. Purrs to you! There are a lot of homeless kitties where we live and it hurts our hearts as well. We wish we could bring them all inside and feed them and clean them and cuddle them, but there are too many. Fortunately we live in a very mild climate, so for the most part the homeless ones seem fairly content.


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