Where Is Buster?

Did you even notice I wasn't blogging? Emma has commandeered this blog for a few postings. Well I let her do that, it was her gotcha day and all. But what have I been doing you ask?

Here I'll show you. I've been hiding under the chair.


Mama loves my facial expression here. She doesn't know what it means though. Can you see my one black whisker?

Still under the chair.

Something caught my attention here.

And finally after weighing out my options on what to do next under the chair, I went on the chair and snoozed. Best decision ever.


  1. Looks like that spot under the chair is really quite comfy.

  2. We're not sure about hanging out under the chair, but sleeping *on* the chair looks like a good idea!

  3. Hi Buster !
    Me too like to sit under chairs :)
    Yes I can see your one black whisker !
    Sixten the cat who lived here befor me he had one white whisker , the rest of them where black :)

  4. LOL. I believe the thing that caught your attention slipped out of your mind which is why you became sleepy and decided to curl up on the chair.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. What great pictures. Buster we think you found a great lookout/hidey place!
    Thank you for coming by to offer your kind words of support and condolence for Scooby. So many came whom we've never met, like yourselves, and I am truly thankful you took the time to do this. Only we who love our kitties truly understand what a loss it is when they leave us and it means a lot that you stopped by. Happy to meet you!

  6. Buster
    Don't you look so cute. Mom says she agrees with your Mom. That is a wonderful picture of you. And the one of you napping so sweet.

  7. My mom says you have beautiful gold eyes, Buster! You are a very handsome guy.

  8. Sleeping on the chair is much better than sitting under it, Buster!

  9. These are lovely photos of you, Buster - your human has been holding out on us!

  10. Buster looks bigger! :D I love that black whisker :P

  11. I love all pictures, all adorable portraits!You have such beautiful eyes!:)
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. You are one HANDSOME Mancat, Buster!!!

  13. Ha! It takes a lot of thought to decide where to nap!! These things can't be rushed!

  14. Snoozing is always, always a good option! Happy Easter everyone!

  15. Isn't snoozing just the BEST pastime? Hanging out under chairs is pretty cool, too.

  16. I have one black whisker too hee he. Chairs are good to sit under cause sometimes you find a bit of food that someone has dropped :)xx

  17. It looks like a great decision you made in the end, Buster! :)

  18. Hoppy Easter, sweet furiends! Hope the Easter Bunneh brings lots of treats for you! ♥ ♥ ♥


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