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I, catmama, did promise that it's back to regular blogging schedule after our return, but I didn't foresee the busyness of the Holiday season + the catching up the work that piled up during our vacation, a combination so potent it will leave one exhausted to blog.

Anyway, the kitties and I are back, hopefully blogging on a more frequent basis.

First off, better late than never, we would like to thank Brian and the sister kitties at BRIAN'S HOME for the book they sent us.

2012_12_06 234

The package surprised Catgrandma who was babysitting the kitties. She could never understand how kitties get mail :)

2012_12_06 236

The beautiful book that was inside the package. Truthfully kitties, I have only skimmed through the pages and after the excitement of the Holidays, I will tackle this book.

Thank you again, BRIAN'S HOME. We are very appreciative.

2012_09_30_2012 cats 028
Flirty Emma

And now for the somewhat sad news........we had to take Emma to an emergency pet hospital on Sunday night because we were worried she had UTI. Turned out she had. Her pee volume was going down and she had started peeing all over the sofa. To discourage this behaviour, we covered the sofa (leather) with newspapers because another kitty daddy told us that cats don't like crunchy noisy items when they step on them. Unfortunately this did not discourage Emma at all. She continued to pee on the sofa, at one point even in front of me as I was vacuuming the living room. She was also using the litter boxes in addition to the sofa.

However, on Saturday we saw blood in her urine. The newspaper held onto the bloody urine real well and so we called clinics around the neighborhood, but not one was open, but all the messages and websites for these clinics referred us to this emergency hospital in Berkeley.

That's where we were. Emma as usual was her quiet and calm self. She allowed the vet to touch her, poke her. She meowed only twice, but I kept reassuring her that mama is on her side.

After urinalysis and sonogram, they found her to have stone/s. Not sure. They would like us to go to our regular vet for follow-up. In the meantime, antibiotics were prescribed because she did have an infection.

My baby was suffering and she wasn't telling me!

At the hospital, the tech tried to give her liquid antibiotics, but she didn't like it and fearing this might traumatize her even more in addition to whatever pain she already is experiencing, we asked if they could give us pills.

She will have to take the pills 2x a day for 7 days. We'll try to get her a new vet soonest. Happy to report that when I hid the pill in the tuna she was able to eat the tuna and the pill without detecting the foul taste of the pill. So far so good. No pee on the sofa for a whole day.

We could use some purrs for our flirty Emma dear kitties. When we were in the hospital, there were 3 other kitties who came that were showing the same symptoms as Emma, except Emma was the youngest at 4.5 years. The rest of the kitties that came on Sunday were double digit in age.

Thank you for your purrs. And cat mamas feel free to give me advice about this because I'm basically new at this. Emma is perfectly healthy the entire 2 years that I've had her so I don't have any history to refer to. Thank you.

Oh, Pee Ess....Buster is perfectly fine and healthy, thank cod!


  1. I am glad you got the book but I am so sorry Emma is having problems. If it is a UTI the antibiotics should have her feeling better in a few days, but we are all sending purrs and prayers to sweet Emma. Keep us posted please.

  2. Poor baby! Purrs and healing thoughts for Emma. We're sure she'll do just fine on the antibiotics. Just be sure to do the follow-up appt. **headbumpies**

  3. WE are so sorry that Emma is so sick! WE are sending lots of warm purrs to her and you!

  4. Poor Emma! We have made many trips to the vet in the last couple of months, some of them very sad trips indeed. Hopefully Emma will respond to the medicine and bounce back.

  5. Since you are new-ish to kitties, you probably did not realize that by peeing on the couch, Emma WAS telling you she was sick! That is how we kitties do it when we have UTI's - we pee where we don't usually do it as a signal that it is bothering us to go to the bathroom. I am glad you got Emma to the vet for treatment and she is improving. One word of advice: if Buster EVER seems to have any problem urinating, looking like he is straining in the litter box or peeing inappropriately, he needs to see the vet immediately. Urinary blockages in boy cats can be life threatening! Hopefully he will never have this problem, but it is always best to be informed. Purrs to Emma, and to you for all the stress you had over her!

  6. Oh boy, purring for Emma! I know how scary that can be, we had a similar scare with Leo. If only we'd known then that peeing in inappropriate places is a sign of trouble not being ornery.
    Pills in food is the only way we can pill our babies!

  7. Aw, poor Emma. The pills should help her feel and start peeing better.

  8. Oh Emma, I feel for you, girlfriend! I had three stones removed from my bladder three years ago. I was always getting URIs and it was awful.

    After my surgery I felt so much better! Tell your Mom to email us if she has any questions regarding surgery...hopefully you will not have to have it.

    XX Grayce

  9. Hi Darling Emma, I myself have never had such problems but my Human hadded a kidney stone this summer and she was miserable! It did come out on its own and we hope Emma's will take care of themselves too and that she won't need "help" getting rid of them. We are sure she is feeling MUCH better on the antibiotics! XOXOXOX to Emma and Buster too.

  10. We are so sad to hear Emma is having pee problems. We hope she will feel much better soon. You'll want to discuss Emma's diet with the vet.

  11. Purrs for Emma!

    Wet food diets usually are better for cats with urinary tract problems. Also, Derry is on a homeopathic remedy for his idiopathic cystitis, called UTI-Free from PetAlive. They claim it works on first dose and it absolutely does. I rate the product a 5 out of 5, and I'm not being paid to write this. If it looks like you need something ongoing to give Emma (if this is going to be chronic, I mean), you might consider looking into it.

    There's a vet-written site with EXCELLENT info re: urinary tract issues:


  12. YAY for that you got mail !
    Sorry to hear that Emma got UTI :(
    Hope she will be back to her normal flirty Emma real quick !

  13. Oh Emma
    we are so sorry to hear you had not been feeling well. But it sure sounds like you are on the road to complete recovery. WE will keep you in our purrs. So far none of us has had a UTI in fact we have more problems with being stopped up if you know what I mean. let me tell you going to the Vet to get unstopped is no fun.

  14. That's a nice present from Brian and his sisters! Sorry to hear about sweet Emma. We are purring and praying that she will be okay soon!

  15. We are purring for Emma - Lucy had the same problem a few weeks back (a Saturday night of course!!). Luckily I caught the on call vet and she gave me the medication for her. She felt much better after the first dose and (claws crossed) is fine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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