The Box

Today is Boxing Day, and so I thought it's appropriate to tell you the story about the box.

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 001
Once upon a time when Buster first came to his furever home, he was a tiny bit. Big sister Emma was already full grown and could jump up to the top of the drawers and cabinets where she would stay perched and from where she would hiss at Buster. Little furboy looked pitiful in his helpless state.

Because of pity, we decided to give Buster a box for his hiding place. True to his nature, the box also contained his toys. He would carry his toys inside his box, where they would remain until today, can you see them?

However, Buster grew up too fast. Pretty soon he couldn't fit into his box. Yet we kept the box inside the room. Often he would laze about the top of the box.

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 003

It is also Emma's favorite spot to oversee my morning ministrations before going to work.

2012_11_12 052

In the end, the box became Emma's sanctuary from Buster's constant nagging. Buster could only look and wait for Emma to come out.

Happy New Year everyfurry. Hope the New Year brings all of us peace and prosperity.

BTW, Emma has another vet appointment this weekend. We are hoping that things would still go fine, but she's not healing as well as we hoped. Please continue to purr for my darling furbaby. Thank you.


  1. Every box has a story! I will be purring lots for Emma - I want to see her get better soon!

  2. Ah yes... the power of the box. I know it well. purrs

  3. That's a great box story! I'm glad no one had thought to bite it all up (like I would do!).

    We hope everything goes well for Emma at the cat repair place!

  4. Cute boxing day story. Buster! You are bigger than the box! I missed you under the dresser in the first photo!

  5. That's a great box...and a great box story. We hope all goes well for Emma at the v-e-t.

  6. That is great box story and we are keeping Emma in our purrs and hope she feels much better soon.

  7. I hope all is well with sweet Emma. Boxes are always a great source of comfort!

  8. You kids are adorable! Can't believe Buster was ever that small ;-)

    We'll purr and purray for things to go well for Emma at the Stabby Place!!!

  9. Now THAT is the kind of Boxing Day we like best! Happy New Year, sweet pals. :)

  10. Emma and Buster !
    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family !!!
    May Every Single Day of Your New Year Glow With
    Pawsome Cheer, Excellent Healthy, & Happiness


    Puddy Boy

  11. What a beautiful story, that box is very special!
    So nice to see your pictures, I love you both!
    And I wish you a fabulous 2013, thanks for your friendship!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mom Léia


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