Mancat Monday

2012_10_28 058

Am I cute or am I cute?

Good news.....we have cool ocean whiffies tonight, we hope the hotz are behind us.


  1. YES you are VERY cute !
    Hope the hotz blows our way :)
    Here it´s just rain and rain and are cold :(

  2. Yes, you are cute! WE are suppose to have the 80's for the 4th! Instead of 100 plus!

  3. You're looking mighty handsome, Buster!

  4. Buster, we have hots and RAIN! Ugh ...

    Hey surf on over to my blog for July 1 - there is a little award there for you from me!


  5. Yes, you are so very cute! We are glad you are having cool ocean whiffies :)

    We don't have an ocean, but we have temperatures in the 80's this week. I'm elated about that!

  6. Buster with each picture we see of you you just get cuter and cuter!

    Thank you for stopping by and sending me birthday wishes. I am so grateful for all of my friends and for helping to make this one day such a special day.

  7. Yep, we'd say you're cute. :) YAY for cooler weather!

  8. Oh yeah, without a doubt. You're Cute, with a capital C! :)


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