Thankful Thursday

2013_04_14 004
A couple of months ago, Mama called in sick from work. It's a real sick day and not a fake one. She spent the first half of the day under the covers watching reruns of Law and Order. We stayed in the room next door - because the sunpuddles are there in the first half of the day.

2013_04_14 005
The rest of the day, she spent sleeping. When the sunpuddles disappeared, we kittehz joined her in napping. Then catpapa came home from work and saw us. Buster woke up when he heard the clicking, but the girls stayed sleeping.


  1. I must confess: when my human is sick, most of the time we are absent! We are terrible nurses.

  2. MOL...I'm the same as Miss Sparkle : )
    Never be there ...tee..heh..heh
    Well I think I did the good thing for mom otherwise I take the whole bed...MOL
    You guys are the best nurse !!!

    Thanks for lovely comment for my blogoversary : )
    even I didn't blog much..MOL

  3. We heard Momma's get better faster when you lay ON them. ;)

  4. Nothin' better than kitties in bed when one is ailing.

  5. We know you were both sending your Momakat healing purrs.

  6. It's nice when our mom or dad stays home with us, but we are sorry your mom is sick. We hope she feels better soon.

  7. You guys were having a great snooze-fest!

  8. I sure hope your Mom is doing better now. Happy napping!

  9. We can't think of anything better to make a human feel more loved than that. Looks like you even kept the remote close at hand! Purrs...


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