Mancat Monday


We had the worst weekend kitties. Emma and I had to be hauled to get our S-H-O-T-S!!!! On the way to and from the clinic, I gave a Grammy-worthy rendition of the song of my people. Even mama thought it was the best singing so far. The good news is that we didn't suffer from the usual lethargy and drowsiness.


  1. At least you gave your Momma a good song! Glad you didn't get sick from your shots, I got extremely sick after mine last time! Love, Cody

  2. Oh we bet that was a good song!
    Glad everything at the vet was ok.

  3. It's great that you participated in the time honored tradition of carrying on our people's songs.

  4. You poor kids! I hope you got some special treats or food or something for that horror.

  5. We bet you're both glad that's over now.

  6. THANK GOODNESS! I hate getting shots. They make me feel SO badly. I am so glad you all sang and sang and still feel well xxoo


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