She Won't Leave Me Alone

That would be the human woman. You think she had better things to do than watch my every move.

2014_05_16 003
Go away I'm sleepy.

2014_05_16 004
Did you not hear me the first time? Now you have to use flash too? No respect!

2014_05_16 005
Nothing, not snoopy moms or flashy box can keep the furboy from his much wanted sleep.

Luckily the human was watching me sleep because I had a bad dream and woke up meowing for my mama. She was there to give me scritches and I went back to sleep in no time.


  1. My human says I always seem to be having sweet dreams!

  2. It's good she was right there for reassurance and help back to dreamland. Maybe having your pic taken is a small price to pay...

  3. you would think they have better things to do, but they NEVER do!

  4. We can't believe you just admitted that about your dream and that you woke up meowing for your mama! :-P

  5. We hope you have happy dreams from now on!

  6. That was nice that your mom was there when you had the bad dream.

  7. A bad dream...poor baby. Glad your mom was there to comfort you. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. SEE? Mama's are good for stuff like that...

    xx The Mommy

  9. Awwww hunny it is not fun having nightmares. So glad your Mama was there.


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