Flashback Friday


Hello kitties, catmama here.

I was surprised to find this old photo of my Buster who was approximately 9 months old here. The odd thing about this is I tend to remember most of photos I took of the both of the cats when they were newer in the house, but this one totally stumped me. It may be probably a photo taken by catpapa. Makes me so nostalgic to see my boy a kitten again.


  1. That sure is a cute mini-Buster! Hey, you asked about Sister Precious, she loves humans and loves attention. She just doesn't like other felines.

  2. How cute to see Buster when he was still a kitten!

  3. You were a very cute kitten, Buster.

  4. Very cute! mom mom loves baby pictures of me!!!

  5. Aww...Buster was a cute kitten and now he is still a cutie.

  6. can't get enough of these cute photos..


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