Throwback Tuxie Thursday

Lumix 262
Mama was going through old albums on the computer and found this, a real throwback. The time stamp on this 8/15/10 and looks like I have a calming collar around my neck. This is me in my pre-Buster life. The brofur would come into my life in October of 2010.


  1. Why did you need to be calmed pre-Buster? We would think you needed more calming after he showed up on the scene.

  2. You look particularly calm me to me, Emma!

  3. You looked lovely and still do sweet Emma!

  4. Now why did you need calming, Emma, if Buster wasn't around? You do look cute, though.

  5. Emma, me doesn't want my mom to look at my old photos at all.
    *** Whisper *** if she sees " Before " & After " she is going to put me on extreme diet for sure !

  6. You are very beautiful then and now!


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