Freaky Friday

Okay so technically my title here is not accurate. Today is Friday and I'm going to share with you something freaky that happened last night. That's the story behind the title.

Mom went to bed early last night. Around 9 pm she decided she'd go to bed and called me. Why not Emma you ask? Well Emma has been a very good nurse kitten to our grandma. She asked for Emma every night to sleep with her. It comforts her. Emma is such a good nurse kitty that she would leave mom's lap to sleep near grandma's head every single night.

Anyway to continue.... I followed mom upstairs and while she does her nightly ablutions, I did my daily nomming routine prior to bed. Then she put on her jammies, and went to bed. I jumped next to her and slept on her side, like I always do. Five minutes later I was in dreamland. She finished one of her shows and was onto the next one (she calls it go to bed but it's actually catching up on her dvr'd show) when out of nowhere I yelped so loud and jumped off so high mom thought I would hit the ceiling and landed onto mom's chesticles with my claws out. Mom freaked out and pushed me off her.

Mom thinks I was having a bad dream because there was only quiet around. No phone ringing or doorbell ringing. Nuffing!

This morning mom saw the big souvenir I left on her chesticle! Score!


  1. Whoa! Sometimes, you just gotta jump when scary dreams seem so real! Purrs coming to your Mom...

  2. OW OW OW mom said. Admiral did that to her once and it is memorable!!!

  3. Oh No!!! Sorry you had a bad dream. And sorry 'bout da purresent you left behind. We've been known to do da very same thing. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Buster, we bet you were having a bad dream too. We know you didn't mean to jump on your mom like that.

  5. Ouch! I've never had a nightmare like that... but my human has! Fortunately, she has neither jumping ability nor claws, otherwise there'd be trouble.

    P.S. Emma sounds like she is doing good therapy cat duties!

  6. That must have been some scary dream, Buster. We are sorry your Mom got hurt like that.

  7. Ouch- your poor Mom. That must have been bad dream.

  8. That happens sometimes, Buster ... to us humans too!

  9. Your poor mom. You need to quit watching horror movies!

  10. Maybe Rod Purrrling commed from da Twilight Cattery Zone and said Boo?


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