Mancat Monday

2017 04 13_canoneos_7600
Mommy is quite confident that this handsome kitty from Morocco is a mancat.


  1. But it's got calico coloring - and usually they are female.

  2. Ha! We were thinking the same as Summer, but weren't sure if we remembered correctly. Well, Mom tried to remember. It's a mystery how anything ever fastens in her pea-sized brain.

  3. Yes, we agree with Summer. That cat has 3 colors and more than likely is a female. But that's okay...still a pretty kitty!

  4. It's a beautiful cat although as others have said generally speaking Calico cats like that are females. I love Calico's.

  5. Tonight is the internet cat video festival in St. Paul! >^..^< I hope you have a great time in Costa Rica. We're going back in 2019. The isle of Ometeppe would be my first stop in Nicaragua. But I don't know if that would be offered for a day trip. If I only had a week in Costa Rica I'd probably just stay put. You'll have fun no matter what.


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