Throwback Thursday

2012_11_12 052
We are getting a little nostalgic here.

BUSTER: When I first came here, mama got me this big box. She cut a hole for me to enter. I enjoyed this box, for a few months. You see I was 5 months old when I was Gotcha'd, but I was always a big boy. At 5 months I was nearly Emma's size. Before long, only my head would fit in the hole. It became Emma's favorite hiding (in plain sight)place. She knows I can't do anything when she goes inside the box.


  1. We're amazed that your human managed to cut a round circle - in the opposite to ours, hehe.

  2. That box looked pretty darn impressive-!

  3. That's why our mom put a box out for Caroline!

  4. Emma has her place to just cruise...and you, you can THoE while she rests.

  5. Oh and fanks, I will take you up on the offer to come over. I'll be there in two hours.

  6. Buster, do you think we ginger tabbies have a glandular condition? My friend, Teddy, is really big too, just like us. Emma inherited quite a nice hidey hole. XOCK, Cooper Murphy


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