Flashback Furriday

2016 12 31_canont5rebel_2154
So the mom was constantly complaining to the dad that her cache of Emma and Buster photos is depleted; hence she keeps her phone handy in the house (something she does not do, the phone stays in her purse while at home) so that when we do something cute she was going to snap quickly.

Then one day she found a little time off her chaotic work schedule. Guess what she found that there are photos of us in her albums so there will be quite a few to post in the coming days. This is one of those flashbacks. Taken 12/31/16. Wow, that was a lifetime ago.

I wonder what caught my attention here. Mom said she likes my tailio here.


  1. How cool that your human found some photos of you guys!

  2. Hooray for your mom finding those photos of you, Emma and Buster! We like how your tailio is kind of lit up in this photo. :)

  3. You sure had your eyes on something Buster!

  4. Buster...that looks like full alert to me!


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