Thankful Tuxie

This tuxie is thankful for weekend afternoon naps with the meowdad.


  1. It's the best sleeping with our moms or dads.

  2. My cats nap on my legs, causing pain! It's heavy to have two cats, one on my lap and one farther down, a big old Tom squishing my lower legs and feet. But I love them for it.

  3. We notice he is protecting his head. Wonder if kitty likes to sleep on his face as I try to do with Jan. She doesn't let me for some reason.

  4. I miss napping with a cat. My Angel Bobo ALWAYS slept with me. Do you believe in the almost 11 years we have had Cody, he has NEVER, EVER, EVER slept on our bed? And...he is permitted to.........I can't figure it out!


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