My Bedtime Rituals by Emma

Inspired by Summer Samba's post about bedtime rituals, I will be sharing my very own bedtime rituals.

AFTER DINNER NAP: After dinner (both mine and the humans), we troop to the family/tv room where the human lady stretches on the couch and my favorite throw is placed on top of her legs. I scoot in between her legs and take a nice nap. If she's watching sports, it's not a peaceful nap for me because her commentaries about the game is not limited to words.

I SLEEP WITH THE HUMAN: While the human blogs by the computer desk, the male human surfs in bed. I perch in between the human and the computer screen and I nap.

When finally the lady comes to bed, I make sure she is under the covers and I make my spot in between her legs - only after I make biscuits in her left leg near her groin. She asks me to knead her other leg too, but I never have. I demand (meow at him) the human male scritch me before I finally settle in for a night's sleep.

After an hour or so, I jumped out of bed, eat a little kibble, visit the litter box, scratch the scratcher by the door and hang out on top of the direct tv receiver for a bit before I go back in between mom's legs.

She is such a fussy sleeper and is in perpetual motion, so in order for me to not scratch the hell out of her, I move over next to dad's side and sleep the rest of the night away. He does not move much at all.

A few minutes before the lady's alarm clock goes off at 5 am, I will be tapping her face, her nose, her lips with my paw pad. If she doesn't wake up, I dig my little claw in her hair/head. Still she doesn't wake up. She will wait until her alarm clock goes off before she makes her move out of bed and into the cabinet to replenish my food bowl.


  1. That is quite a complex ritual, Emma! No wonder you made a whole blog post out of it!

  2. Your ritual is wonderful pretty girl and I'll bet the Mom loves it too!

  3. oh Emma you sweetheart!! You are like my Angel Bobo who always slept with me. Do you know Cody NEVER does? He is allowed to but he doesn't. catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. That’s a fun routine, Emma. Though we don’t understand why your human has an alarm clock when she has you.

  5. Wow, that is a very full set of rituals, Emma!


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