Tuxie Tuesday

Recently, mom had a whole day to herself and did a lot of snooping in her albums on the computer and on daddy's phone photos on the cloud and found many photos of us. Mom is happy that she has plenty of materials to use for this blog; but of course they are all old, a few months old. Just like this one we are showing you today. Definitely not a summer shot , isn't it?

I look too thin and weird on this photo. I thought the camera is supposed to add 10 lbs to your frame? This camera seem to subtract 10 lbs from mine. I look anorexic here.


  1. You look pretty darn comfy to me sweet girl.

  2. Emma, our mom would kill for a camera like that!!

  3. Emma, our mom wants to borrow your camera for selfies! MOL

  4. emma...we think ya look gorgeouz...bee sidez...blankitz all wayz mezz up fotoz...
    sum thin bout thinkin they gotta cover..... everee thing ~~~☺☺♥♥

  5. Actually, we think you look comfy and adorable, Emma!


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