Mancat Monday

Hi all, happy Veteran's Day to all vets, especially our human g'pa in heaven, our human's g'mas brother, and our mom's nephew.

You know kitties I have a tendency to sleep on my humans' things and stuff. I especially love the smell of leather.


  1. I think that looks like an awesome place for a nap!

  2. Thanks Buster and I love laying on my mom's travel things too but in my case it is "DON'T GO" I am saying. Happy Veterans Day to you and your human's relatives. XX

  3. You sure know how to enjoy a comfy cozy Buster!

  4. Thank you to your family members for their service.

  5. Buster, I sleep like that too, only I put my chin on my mom's leg. Must be an orange thing.


  6. Thanks to all our veterans for their service and sacrifice.


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