Sunday Selfie

2010 01 01_pentax_3716
Other Cat volunteers for Sunday Selfie. He says, just call him "BATMAN!"


  1. And what a handsome, handsome Batmancat he is!

  2. Such beautiful black and white furs!

  3. Other cat makes a wonderful Cat/Bat Man!

  4. Hi Kitties, We hope you is breathing very carefully over there! We heard tell it was supposed to be windy and then rain tonight but so far zippo is happening here and our orange is nudging up from 112 to 130--still in the orange but . . . well, we will hold the good thoughts and hope the winds and the rains wake up! We know you are in the East Bay and it looks like it was better in some places over there but we is not sure what city you live in. Where oh where are our window whiffies????? Be careful!


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