How to begin this post?  Okay, let's start with the blog.  We've been having rough time with it as you know.  Mama sent out an SOS over Facebook on how to fix this.  Thankfully, a fellow blogger and cat mom from Malaysia reached out and helped mom try to trouble shoot the blog.  She was tinkering her own blog/site earlier in the day fixing stuff - totally unrelated to what we have been experiencing.

However, from the background everything seemed to in proper order.  Mom thought so too.  They both decided that the problem was probably a glitch.  True enough the next day, you all could comment on the post.  HOWEVER, mom could not read your post from her blog page.  All links are not clickable.  

She could only read the comments if she opens her dashboard.  

With all this headache, her only recourse at the moment is to change her theme.  She did.  In the process though she lost her blog links.  She can see the blog links page on her dashboard (again), but it's not showing up on the published page, despite the fact that she clicked on that page to publish a few times. A little irritation if I may be frank, because thankfully, I have made a copy.  But still I'm quite annoyed.

Next my baby girl Emma is a source of worry for us.  We mentioned that Emma visited a vet a week ago because of weight loss and the vet has suggested blood panel test for thyroid function.  I was not able to do the test during the visit and fearing a stressful visit to the vet so close to the last one, we tried the mobile vet that makes house calls.  This vet was highly recommended by our friends who got Nina the puppy (she appeared on this blog a few weeks ago).



All's well that ends well as they say, and we will get the result in about a week's time.  However, at the end of the day, mama thought that perhaps having the people steal my blood at home is not a very good idea for me.  Sure it's very convenient and eliminate the stress of travel for me (she hates it even if she's not vocal about it).  But home is a safe place where no stress, or fear, or worry.  And mama saw how I was whining and I haven't been that with a vet before. I'm always on my good behavior.  

Mama would love some input on this from you my friends. How do you see vets who makes house calls?  

Back to the blog - we are still doing some tinkering on the blog to make sure all the bells and whistles work just like 2019 (LOL).  In the meantime, we are happy that you can comment and now we can see them from the page itself.  

Take care everybody.


  1. Good luck with the blog, we know nothing of blogger these days. We sure hope Emma is feeling better and will be okay. We've used a cat only Vet for years and she is wonderful. Unfortunately it is at least a 30 minute drive. The last trip for Dolly was awful and I'm convinced she had a seizure on the way home, poop and peed in the box and screamed like crazy going and coming. I will probably have to find a new Vet just for her, one that is closer. We used to use a home visit Vet but she went out of business, she couldn't get enough clients (believe it or not). She was wonderful and yes, she "invaded their space", but she left and all was fine in a hour. It sure beat the stress of the travel. If we had that option again I'd jump on the chance here. Best of luck with those tests.

  2. We don’t know much about Blogger, but we did hear that there were some changes made recently. Maybe that’s why you’re having problems now? We hope you can get things worked out. As far as a home vet, we kind of know what you mean. Having a vet come to the house sounds great, but then does that make home not such a safe place anymore? We know others that have used a home vet with good success so we really don’t know. Our regular vet is only about 10 mins away so not too bad, though Zoey always has a tough time going to the vet. We now give her a dose of gabapentin before the vet visit to help calm her and make everything less stressful. Vets are recommending it more for kitties that really stress out at the vet. Maybe it’s something to consider for Emma? We hope the tests give you the answers you need to help her.

  3. We're so sorry Blogger is giving you such a hard time, and hope you can get that all straightened out. So frustrating. We haven't had any issues, knock on wood. Our vet is only about 10 minutes away, thankfully. We have our paws crossed that Emma's results come back okay, and that you all can figure out how to help your sweet baby. XO

  4. I hope you solve your Blogger woes soon! We don't use it, so we can't help. My human had a home vet once when Sparkle was around (Sparkle was very stressed out by the vet), and she was fine with it. Better than the regular vet, actually.

  5. I am so glad to see and hear from you again. I used a home Vet for Admiral back when she was with me, but as with Katie, she was so stressed out and even hurt by rough handling by the techs who didn't handle her well at all, that anyone not family was to be hidden from and stressed over. The home visit Vet we used also went out of business as Brian mentioned for himself, amazingly. Katie has not experienced a home vet, but her vet is half an hour away and while not cats only...handle cats on the other side of the building, Good luck to dearest Emma.

  6. emma N buster; we iz sorree de izzue with blogger taked for everz ta fix; we CAN commint now sew hurray and YAY for that

    N 984 pawz up two momz friend who helped her

    emma we send de blessingz oh st francis two ewe ..N we haz all R pawz crossed that de test ree sultz come bak with good nooze for yur thyroid....like lezz kinda medisin stuffs.... ya noe...

    we hafta go TWO de vetz office, which we hatez, but then we iz knot sure if we
    want de vet in de houz either; like ewe said, home iz wher de "safe" iz ...♥♥♥

  7. Sorry about all the blog troubles. I will be praying you get good results on the blood work. Thyroid is an easy fix if that is the issue. I like the idea of a vet coming to the house. XO


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