Wordless Wednesday


This shot is fresh as fresh can get.  I was snoozing today while mom was working.  When she got up to stretch her legs she saw me and snapped this.  My blood panels result all looked good.  We have to discuss it with our regular vet first, but the house call vet said everything looked good.  Probably hairball problem. 

The humans are not satisfied with that explanation.  They want to probe further why I am losing weight. 


  1. Paws crossed that you are okay, Emma!

  2. emma ewe bee gorgeouz N while de ree sultz waz good....for surez nother
    opinionz wood bee good; coz loozin weightz iz knot good... tell buster we
    said HI ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥♥

  3. We agree with your humans sweet Emma and hopefully your regular Vet can help.

  4. I am praying for you Emma. Your parent s are wise to be sure you are thoroughly checked. I am worried about my Joanie for the same reason , her blood work was good, but she has lost weight. She tends to vomit a lot too.

  5. We’re glad your bloods look good, Emma. When Zoey started losing weight and all blood work looked fine, she had an ultrasound done which showed she has a malabsorption issue (and suspected lymphoma). Not saying that’s your issue, but an ultrasound can be very helpful in seeing what’s going on inside you. Sending you many purrs.

  6. Good news about your bloods, Emma. Your mom and dad are smart to dig deeper. We have our paws crossed that they and your vets can figure out what ails you, and get you all better. XO


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