Sunday Selfie

Dear Blogworld:

What are you kitties going to do if your human's phone is full of cat photos and not all of them are yours or your sisfur's?

Please advise - Buster


  1. Cute kitty, but how dare your folks cheat on you. XO

  2. Buster, it seems this is a comon problem with humans. The nerve! Right???

  3. As long as those kitties stay on her phone and she doesn’t bring them home with her. Though that cutie would be hard to resist.

  4. I can't help you - probably about 99.9% of my human's cat photos on her phone are of me! The .1% are either my relatives, or her friend's cat, who she helped train to do tricks.

  5. That kitty had to have a photo taken, what a beautiful pose and a sweet face!


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