Sunday Selfie

A little selfie from daddy's girl. No matter how old I get, I will remain daddy's baby girl. Something about me I'd like to share is that only the daddy can hold me like this, or hold me anyway at all. I love my mama but she was never given the privilege of cuddling and holding me this way. Still a sore spot for her.

A bonus selfie. Mama's nephew and his wife welcomed a new member of the human family. We have not met him yet, but the holidays are coming up so we might see this little sweetie pie. This is a selfie that was taken a few hours after he was born. Mama's SIL texted her this photo.


  1. You look very happy in your daddy’s arms, Emma. And congratulations to the new parents! That little human is cute. ~Ernie

  2. That's a terific and happy selfie sweet Emma and the new nephew is such a cutie!

  3. You sure look happy in your Daddy's arms, Emma. Your Mama's grandnephew is super cute!

  4. OH a new baby nephew! Snuggle time soon I hope.
    Emma, you look happy and contented.

  5. So understand the Mommy's dismay ... and so feeling envious of the Daddy! JUNE is just a year and a half old and here with me just one year now ~ will NOT allow herself to be picked up or held, in that way or anyway, makes me so sad ...
    Lovin' new little babees and this one is so adorable ... welcome wee one!

  6. You re a beauty Emma. And the baby is so precious- congrats to your family! XO


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