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2012_04_22 001

Hello kittehs and catmamas! Did you all have a good Mother's Day weekend? How did you kittehs treat your mamas?

Well my major sacrifice in honor of Mother's Day was to let mama sleep in. I usually wake her up long before her alarm clock makes a noise (including weekends, even though the alarm clock is out of commission then) so that she can feed me. Nope my bowl is never empty. I just like seeing her fumble out of bed and step on Buster's tail, he always waits for the humans on the floor by mama's side of the bed. And when she sees our bowl 3/4 full still, she will be forced to dole out treats for breakfast :)

But this weekend was different. It took me all my willpower to stay still lounging on to of mama's legs and not meow at her and tap her face and nose with my cutesy paws.

Here's a little peek of how mama and I sleep. Please note this image was taken a few days before Mother's Day, I'm just using it as an example.

We love all mamas, especially catmamas.




  1. Awww.. I bet your mom loves it when you sleep with her like that! purrs

  2. Hehehe! You keeping good watch out there, Emma :)

  3. Emma
    I sleep like that on top of Momma too!

  4. That was so nice of you to let her snooze and to get a snuggle.

  5. My human is so unpleasant when she is woken up too early - and her bad temper continues for the rest of the day - that we've learned to let her sleep as long as she wants!

  6. That was a great present. Our Mon thinks you sleeping with your Mom is the best present, though!

  7. Oh darling Emma! You are SUCH a good girl to let your Mama sleep in like that. I hope you gotted extra treats! XOXOXO

  8. You and your Mommy look adorable when you sleep! What a sweetie you are.

  9. That was really a nice present !
    I got nothing, not even a mouse but they didn't wake me up neither !

  10. That's a great spot! We're sure your Mama appreciated that you let her sleep in on Mother's Day. :)

    Thank you so much for your purrs and prayers for Tutu. They most certainly helped! :)

  11. Awww, that was so nice of you Emma to let your Momma sleep in for her special day! We tried to be extra nice to our Mom, too. We would have found a nice "present" for her if we could have gone hunting for mousies outside, but it was raining! MOL!
    Rudy, Buster and Sam

  12. Mum wishes Hannah would sleep like that - she spends all night walking across her head and pillow to jump on the bedside table and get onto the window sill - when she starts to get drowsy again she walks back! and so on!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Aw, Emma, that sure was mighty sweet of you to let your Mom sleep in like that on Mother's Day! :)

  14. Oh Emma, you are the most thoughtful daughtercat ever! I'm sure your Mom really appreciated your patience. There's no better gift than that!

    I'll bet it's hard for your Mom to turn over with you sleeping behind her legs like that! I hope she doesn't selfishly disturb you during the night.


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