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2012_05_24 024
Happy Memorial Day everyone here in the states.

As you know, we were gone for a few days in the blog world. Mama and Papa were seen packing a suitcase on Wednesday. Little did we know they were planning on a road trip that Thursday.

2012_05_24 025
Emma and I were both upset that we were being abandoned by the humans. To appease me, I was tasked to check the contents of their suitcase. It was just enough for a 3-day roadtrip, so it wasn't so bad. They were off to see giant trees, they call the coast redwoods (sequioa sempervirens) and be with nature altogether.

We were not abandoned, our grandma and uncle and human cousin took turns feeding us and scooping poop. We were happy to see mama and papa walk into the front door though.

That's why we were offline for a few days. We miss you all. We will be back to visiting you soon.

Did you all have a good weekend?



  1. We missed you. We are glad you were jot alone!

  2. Good to see you two! Tell the parents we need to see pics of those trees!

  3. I don't blame them for going to see those trees, but I think you should have acted aloof and hurt on their return to show your displeasure. That way you could have wheedled a few tins of tuna out of them as they tried to win back your affection :O)

  4. Your humans snuck that trip on you so you wouldn't throw a house-trashing party! Not cool!

  5. At least you were not alone and a few days is not so bad. I am sure you are happy that they are back now !

  6. At least they weren't gone for too long. We hope your grandma, uncle and cousin spoilt you with treats?

  7. Behave, Kitties! They'll be back soon :)

  8. I'm not sure why you didn't get to go along. Those giant trees sure would be fun to climb!

  9. Well I wondered where you went off to...welcome back!

  10. Emma and Buster
    Glad your Mom and Dad had a good trip to visit those BIG trees.
    We've been indoors and so have Mom and Dad. The Holiday was cancelled because we had a tropical depression (Beryl) arrive literally on our doorstep. So far we've not lost power and it's nearly over (altho right as Mom types we have another rain band) but it's been a real bummer.

  11. Well, we hope your humans have a nice time but we don't understand why you two couldn't go too!!

  12. How *DARE* they? Honestly, these Humans that think they can go gallivanting around whenever they feel like it as if we just didn't exist! Pfft.

    The Human thinks the dog park ::shudder:: was prolly WAY less crowded than the Marina Green. Your Humans was smarties!

  13. huMom and huDad are supposed to get away...that's what they tell me...but I don't think they should go anywhere for more than a few hours...I am an only cat and I need I totally understand why you were missing them...give them a good lecture at about 3AM


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