A Little Emma and Buster Story.

Buster and Emma 070
BUSTER: Mama, I'm bored!!!
MAMA: Play with Emma

Buster and Emma 080
BUSTER: Emma, where are you Emma? Statue out there Emma?

Buster and Emma 081
BUSTER: Attack position now!

Buster and Emma 079
BUSTER: Wait, should I count to 3 before I attack?

Buster and Emma 086
BUSTER: Emma come on, play wiff me!
EMMA: Talk to the lasers!!!

Buster and Emma 088
MAMA: What happened to your play date Buster?
BUSTER: We're tired mama!

Buster can be rowdy. He likes to play rough, wrassle, run up and down the house up to the window sill. He has too much energy to burn. Sometimes Emma plays nice and accommodates him in a wrassling match. However, Buster likes to play ALL THE TIME and Emma doesn't. We always talk to the boy about it, I don't know if he's listening :)

I have an elderly mother (the cat's grandma) that lives with us. One day, she asked me if Buster talks to us, the hubs and me. I said all the time. She then said Buster started talking to her, but SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND A THING HE SAYS!!!!! (LOL)


  1. Buster
    Ping talks ALL the time too, we think it's a Ginger thing. And like you he has energy to spare, even at 8!


  2. Buster, I love to play lots too! I'll come over and play with you!


  3. Buster, we would like to send Kirby to play! He has way too much energy!

  4. Buster, we can send Elmer, Tony and Lenny from the shelter over right now. They like to get rowdy, too. :)

  5. Poor Buster. Maybe you could wrassle with your Dad? Or you could throw a party and we'll ALL come wrassle and run all over the house with you. Oh, and talk with your grandma too. :)

  6. Buster, you need to invite some friends over for rough housing!

  7. Ahhh sometimes the humans here don't understand me as well!
    Cute post dear friends!
    I would love playing with you both!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  8. Yep, we talk too, but Sister Gracie is a real chatterbox!

  9. Boy cats can be pesky! At least that has been my experience. And they do play rough.

    Cute story with Buster looking everywhere for Emma! And when he did find her, he just left her alone. Go figure!


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