Sunbeams Part 1

2012_01_21 002
Hello mama found that she has taken a few photos of us soaking up the sunrays, so she thought she'd share them with you. Not a very new picture, but not very old either.

2012_01_21 004
Here's a close up.

BTW, today we had our annual vaccinations. Oh kitties we had no inkling what the humans were planning. Until we saw the PTUs or is that what you call them? The humans call them the boxes.

Anyway, we don't like riding in cars so I cried like a baby. But mama rode in the back seat with my box on her lap and Emma's box next to her. She was giving us head rubs the whole way, which is about 3 miles from home. I cried the whole entire way. Mama kept saying, BE A MAN Buster. Don't be a crybaby. But I still cried. Emma kept quiet but I knew she was as freaked out about the car ride as I was. It was not an experience we want to repeat for more than once a year. Thank heavens, we only get poked once a year.

We behaved during the poking session, but once we were hauled to the car, I cried again. So mama let us loose in the car. And I still bawled like a baby. Mama said my cry was deep throaty cry that implies so much pain. She was more traumatized by the experience than we were.

Then we got tuna the moment we got home. Now we're both a little sluggish. They say kitties always feel a little sluggish after the vaccinations anyway. But mama and papa are quite worried. They say they have to see tomorrow if we are more like ourselves.

How was your weekend, kitties?


  1. Some of us kittehz are sluggish the next day, sum of us not. Mommy is always in worse shape than us. MOL! We're sending comforting purrs to efurrybody. xoxo

  2. Binga gets a bad reaction to vaccines, and I have heard that if that is so, they can give you a different type of vaccination that won't make you feel as bad. But hopefully you two will be fine tomorrow and it is no big deal!

  3. Buster, you know that "cry" really is your warrior song! Nicki sings it in the PTU, and Derry does too, though Nicki's is especially uh, loud.

    We're glad it was all just routine stuff, though!

  4. You poor babies...traveling in the car is so scary. We know you'll feel better tomorrow. Such an ordeal!

  5. It's stressful to go to the vet. You are lucky yours is so close. It takes us 45 minutes to get to ours! Fortunately our vet will do a lot of work by phone.

  6. Cosmo and Ling felt poorly with no appetite after their vaccination. But they bounced right back by the 3rd day. Oh, and they cried and cried while in the car and poor Ling shivered while at the vet. Poor babies.

  7. I howl like a fire siren in the car! Mommy thought she needed to pull over once, I fooled her so well.
    xx Johnny

  8. We think you both are simply worn out from the cat ride! We are so glad that your trip is over and we know you will not have to go back for a long long (in cat time.


  9. Aw, Russell does the same exact thing, like my mom's driving him somewhere just to leave him or something. Me, never a peep!

    P.S. It's too hot here now for lounging in the sun!

  10. We always sleep the next day. I mean more then usual!

  11. Enjoy your sunbeam, Buster! We're glad you and Emma survived the v-e-t. We like to sing in the car too whenever we go there.

  12. Penelope sings sometimes. I don't think she even realizes that she is doing it! I, on the otherhand LOVE going for rides! In the Car and in the Truck!


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