Sunbeams Part 2

Just a series of photographs mama took when they came home one day to find Emma and I soaking up the sun in the stairs landing. The stairs is facing the front door so when the humans arrive she started to take some pictures.

2012_03_18 010
Buster: Should I come down and greet them with a demand for a belly rub?
Emma: I'm baffing here.

2012_03_18 011
Buster: The carpet smells funny.
Emma: Mama missed her weekly vacuuming.

2012_03_18 013
Buster: I'm not moving away from the sun, it feels so good.
Emma: I can touch my nose with my tongue, yay!

2012_03_18 017
Buster/Emma: Is that Fancy Feast she's carrying inside?


  1. You guys have the best seats to keep close watch on the front door. Add sun puddles and you get PERFECT seats!

  2. What an interesting conversation you two are having!

  3. Whoa--those was some great sunpuddles! My Human is impressed that yours vacuums every week. My Human vacuums with photoshop al lot of times, ha ha meow!

    Also, verreh pretty rugs on those stairs!

  4. Awww you two are so adorable.
    Love the kissing your tongue to your nose Emma.


  5. You two sure are enjoying your sunbeam!

  6. That looks like a great place to catch sunbeams! No wonder you kitties stuck around there for so long.

  7. What an excellent place to sunbathe or trip sum unsuspecting human!

  8. If it's fancy feast we think you should jump up and help!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. What a great place for a sun bath! and fancy Feast! Can me come and visit?

  10. Excellent sunbathing spot, Emma and Buster! We can see why you didn't want to move. :)


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