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kissable nose
Hello kitties. What an exciting night I had. I got to explore our backyard. Mama and Papa left the screen door to the back yard open - they were waiting for feral Fuzzy and Gray-C to come and eat the food we place by the door for them. I got to mingle with the feral cats that I talk to and play with behind the screen door. They showed me the how to play hide and seek at the orchid garden. Grandmas cymbidiums are huge and kittehs can easily hide behind one pot. I got to listen more closely to the next-door neighbor's woofie who barks a lot at night.

hey buster - reading the sports page?
Buster - get away from the computer! You are in big trouble. You're still on TIME OUT!

Hello kitties Catmama here, our litle Buster gave us a fright last night. He slipped out of the house and partied with the ferals. He knew how to choose his timing. I was busy making truffles for the church fundraiser while catpapa was cooking pasta for his potluck at work today.

It was our fault for leaving a small opening to the screen door. We often do that since our fave ferals Fuzzy and Gray-C come all the way inside the screen door and eat their food. But last night, I thought Buster couldn't restrain himself.

I was multitasking as usual, making truffles (2 kinds) and watching the SF Giants game on tv. I didn't notice he was gone until Catpapa was cleaning up pots and pans and was asking if I'd seen Buster. Emma as usual was sitting on her rocking chair watching the Giants with me. I didn't pay any attention to his query. Afterwards, catpapa was all over the house yelling Buster's name. I could sense the urgency so I stood from my stool at the island where I was artistically crafting my truffles and joined in the search. We went around the house yelling his name. I opened the screen door - I closed it earlier - and screamed for Buster, but no reply. The ferals weren't in the backyard either.

Within 5 minutes, I see Buster standing in the step leading to the screen door. I opened the screen door waiting for him to get inside, but he chose to walk out further in the yard. I chased after him and carried him back to the house.

We gave him sermon and you know what kitties, he talked back to us!!!! Just because he turned 2 and now he's legit mancat he seems to want his independence.

He gave us a fright last night. Bad kitty.

When we went up to sleep, Buster went in between us and demanded his belly rub and head and neck scritches. Spoiled brat.


  1. OMC Buster! We were a little confused as we read the first few sentences...then Catmama explained it all. BAD BAD Buster! What a scare you put your pawrents through! Thank heavens you didn't run when your Mama chased after you. Please don't ever go outside on your own again. It's very dangerous. Maybe your Mama could put you on a harness and take you outside to explore under supervision?

  2. Buster, you are so...well, busted! Grounded! Our human would have had conniptions. We're glad you're safe--please don't do this again, okay?

  3. Our Mommy is all fainty thinking about your little walkabout, Buster! On the OTHER paw, we are green with envy and want to know if you had any time for eating grass and chasing bugs while you were out.

  4. Oh my Cod, I'd have freaked out! Totally! You're lucky all you got was time out and a talking to! Ornery boy! We are so glad you came back!!

  5. Oh Buster you had a fun night out!
    We are so glad you didn't go any further than your own backyard but that was a fright. We are so glad you are safe and back inside.


  6. Oh Buster, those terrible twos can get a kitty in trouble!

  7. My human can't keep any doors open in the slightest around here because she knows one or more of us will take the opportunity to sneak out and explore! Once when that happened by accident, ALL of us went out, but hurried back inside when ordered! That was pretty gutsy of you to actually run off and then talk back to your human, Buster!

  8. Buster, we hafta say we're a little jealous. We never get to go outside...or at least never by ourselves. That musta been so cool partying with those feral kitties!!

    But...there are dangers out there...so you gotta be careful. And when the humans tell you to come back inside, you gotta do what they say, otherwise, they will never let you out again.

  9. That is scary! WE are glad he got time out for it!

  10. Buster, you little rascal, no more skeerin the 'rents like that! Stay inside and stay safe!

  11. We are pleased you had a good time with your feral friends in the garden Buster but maybe you should tell your Mom or Dad next time you're partying.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Buster, you are so bad--you must not do that! There are terrible creatures outside and you might catch some illness from the ferals. We are glad you got a lecture and are safe in your home now.

  13. Hi Buster
    Me likes to takes off when Mommy and Daddy is not watching when we is in the city. Me KNOWS me is not allowed outside there, so me tries even harder...{{giggle}} and then me always sucks up to make up!

  14. You almost gave your Mom and Dad heart attacks, Buster! You little imp, you!

    You have to be careful with feral kitties because they might bite you. That happened to one of my kitties once and he got a big infection.

    And you are just like my Dylan. When I try to get him in, he just turns around and walks farther off. I think it's a game of 'catch me if you can', or something. Anyway, I'm glad you're OK.

    By the way, I made an avatar of you, and one for Emma, too. Please let me know an email address where I can send them.

  15. My mom say´s that you are a bad bad boy , Buster !
    Me I think you are a cool mancat :)

  16. La felicidad en forma de gato...



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