Fright Night

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Buster gave us a fright tonite. There we were catmama and catpapa going about our tasks at work for 8 hours thinking the cats were sleeping in bed all day. When catpapa arrived from work at 6 pm (I come in at 7 pm), he had no clue what was about to happen.

He walked up to the front door (we park on the street) and heard meows. The neighborhood is crawling with feral/stray cats, but this meow was distinct. He knew it was Buster's meow. But what he couldn't fathom was how his meow was so loud.

Then coming out of the bushes in front of our house by the windows is Buster. How he got out of the house and how long he's been out no one knows, and Buster is not talking. My husband confided that his heart fell to the ground when he saw Buster coming towards him. We don't know how he got out, but we have a clue.

Buster knows how to open the screen door in the backyard so that's definitely his exit point. This experience obviously shook the poor kitty.

When I came home, my husband told me to ask Buster what he did today. The poor cat meowed his woes to me.

After dinner I stretched out in the couch watching the SF Giants game and Emma automatically jumped into my lap and snoozed. Soon after Buster followed suit. He rarely does this. I think he's traumatized by his experience of the outside world.

We got him from the shelter at 5 months old and I'm guessing he's been there since he was a baby, so he knows nothing about being outside. Poor baby. But he put us through a rollercoaster of emotions.

We are so thankful that he didn't cross the street or got run over by car. There are worse things that could happen. Thank you Ceiling Cat for looking out for Buster.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a fright! I'm so glad he didnt go anywhere else!

  2. OMC, Buster, don't you ever scare us like that again. Thank Bast, he's ok! XOXOXOXO

  3. Oh Buster! I know the outside looks so interesting when you're indoors but trust me, it's not a nice place to be, especially if your neighborhood is full of strays and ferals. I'm so happy you had the sense to stay close to your home and approach your Catpapa when he got home. That's very clever!
    So glad you are safe in your Catmama's arms again.

    Your pal, Boomer (who survived the outdoors the first year of his life)

  4. Buster please don't worry everyone like that again - stay warm and cosy inside.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a relief that Buster was safe! I bet he was scared and upset and confused. I know I would have been, as a kitty who has never been outside for more than a moment!

  6. Oh Buster! What excitement! I guess some excitement you could do wiithout!!

  7. We are thankful Buster is safe in the house again. Maybe a lock on the screen door?

  8. How scary. We're glad Buster is home and we hope he's learned his lesson!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Kirby pulled that on us last month! He must have been in the garage (via the cat flap) when we opened the garage door. hours later, he got up on the cat shelter for the outside kitties and started crying.

    I know how scared you were. I am glad Buster is OK!

  10. Buster, you musta had some adventure! But we think you oughta stay inside from now on.

  11. OMC, that is so scary! We sure are glad things turned out okay, and that Buster is safe and back inside where he belongs.

  12. wow What an adventure day! but please don't do it again okay!
    Love you both sweet friends,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  13. Buster, I'm glad you're safe. It was very smart of you to stay at your house until your catpapa came home.


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