I Will Not Be Ignored!!!!

more emma and buster
I said, I will not be ignored!!!!

emma and buster
Nothing, no reaction! What does a mancat have to do to get attention around here?


  1. Maybe you could gently boop Emma's tail. That usually gets a good reaction from my big brother hee he :)xx

  2. You may have to poke her! But I say do that at your own risk!

  3. Those are some impressive fangs! We hope you two enjoy your snooze.

  4. Try running up and down the hall, it works for me!

  5. Actually, all you have to do is be your sweet self and smile, Buster! I just love looking at your handsome face.

    Emma's butt isn't bad either!

  6. Aw, go ahead and bite her, you know you want to. But be ready to run!! Gently, by the way! MOL

  7. Claw in the butt might do it!!! :)

  8. Just sit there looking as cute as you are, Buster. That got the mom's attention!

  9. MOL funny post dear friends!
    I think the better way to get some attention is to purring loudly or maybe meowwwwwwwww loudly can help as well! ;)
    purrs to you both
    Luna - wE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mammy Léia

  10. Have you tried bribery?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Maybe you could poke her with your paw? That seems to work around here!

  12. She is just a lady, my friend !
    Even she pretend not pay attention with u, but I'm sure she has a peek ; )

    Thanks for purring for me

  13. Good that you move on. Good luck on the new one.
    Kızlık zarı


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