It's Been A Week?

buster on the throne.

Hello Kitties,

Again our apologies for not visiting all week. Our secretary, Mama, has her plate full. We don't know what that exactly means, but a full plate is always good, right? Especially when we're talking about food plates.

Anyway, she promised to do a better job of fulfilling our visiting duties this week and forward.

We appreciate the visits and we love hearing from you all.

Buster (and Emma too)


  1. We like our plates FULL too! Heh heh heh. Wonder why the hoomans don't feel the same?

  2. We totally understand. Our mummy can be just the same. She hasn't been that good with our bloggy this week and she has the week off work! Honestly, you'd think she would spend the whole time on us huh? You know, you could be Simba's twin :)xx

  3. We totally understand, Buster. It sure is nice to see your handsome self!

  4. Our Mom has been a slacker, too. She said something about a hopping from quilt shop to quilt shop!

  5. We know what your mama means. We're just glad to hear everything is okay :)

  6. Totally understandable, life happens sometimes and no one should feel guilty when they can't get around to visiting!
    We are glad to see you again though!!

  7. Good to see you again guys! Tell your mom we all understand! xoxox

  8. Hi Kitties! My Human has not been verreh helpful this week either. Alas, the Humans are just too self-involved to be really useful. I wonder if I could train a poodle......


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