Mancat Monday


Hello kitties. How is everybody today. The humans abandoned us for four days to be with mom's college buddy. They went cruising for four days and she came home Sunday noon smelling very weird. Now that she's back home again, we are sure to be regular in visiting you.


  1. Buster, I have no idea why humans go off on these tangents! They pain us with their absence and that alone should keep them home!

  2. I bet you are glad to have her home even if she is smelly MOL!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. I am sorry your folks abandoned you. Glad they are home now.

  4. THe humans always come home smelling strange after they abandon us, too

  5. Parece que eles tiveram muita diversão.
    Aproveitem a companhia deles!

  6. We're glad your humans are home now, Buster. We hope you got extra treats to make up for them being gone.

  7. Homecomings are always much better than homegoings Buster!

  8. As a single mom of two, and a doggie...I can relate that's need a break too.
    I am sure life will seem just that much better now that she has had some R & R.

    - Lisa

  9. Glad your mommy's back, even ifin she smells weird. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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