#TBT Nip Attack

Hello kitties. Here's a throwback we are sharing this week. Mama took this short video about a couple of years ago. It stayed in her phone until she remembered she had it. The story behind this video of me going crazy with the hand towel is this: Mama came home from church where they had the animal blessing Sunday. Since there's fewer cats that went to the church, they had more nips and treats left over. The lady in charge knew of us because we had gone to church few years ago for the blessing and so all the left overs were given to mama to take home. She had butterfingers and dropped some nip on the towel and when I got hold of the towel mama started to shoot on her phone.


  1. You showed that towel who's boss, Emma.

  2. What fun! I think nipping out a towel would be a good thing to do intentionally!

  3. THat looks like a lot of fun, Emma. We are asking our Mom for a nip towel!

  4. The man's voice, Is that your dad ?
    Sound like my daddy! Especially, the word " No "..MOL

  5. I have a silvervine washcloth. I roll with it every time I get chance.

  6. ask your daddy what that word NO means? It doesn't exist here.

  7. Ha ha ha! Did your Dad really think you were going to do what he said? Phfft. He has a lot to learn, right?

  8. Wow, that nip washcloth looks like a lot of fun, Emma!

  9. Nip extra, que legal!!
    Fico contente que a tua mamãe lembrou deste vídeo, você
    realmente estava se divertindo, Emma! hihi
    Cafunés para você e Buster!


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