Where art thou, o sunpuddle?

As I am dictating this post there has been no sunpuddle in days. Rain, that's what's been happening here. So much rain. The humans are thankful for the rain because of the drought conditions we have here for the past several years, which may be obliterated after this one rainy winter. But for a kitty, it's just too much. We want our sunpuddle back.

Okay I have said my piece, now I'd go back to napping if you don't mind.


  1. We finally got some sun puddles today - they have been lacking here too!

  2. Come to live down in Sunny South Florida! We have sun puddles for 9 months of the year!

    - Lisa

  3. Olá Emma, aqui estamos com sol e chuva,
    não podemos reclamar.
    Espero que tempo melhore e apareçam algumas
    poças de sol para vocês!

  4. We had TONS of sun the past few days but now it is gone and I think it is going to be gone for a number of days now :( catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. I don't blame you - sunpuddles are so nice!

  6. I hope you get some sun soon. We are enjoying pour warm weather an window whiffies.

  7. We're sorry you have no sun, Emma. We've had some the last few days...maybe we got yours.

  8. All that rain you guys are getting is crazy, but yes, good for alleviating the severe drought. Here's hoping you get some sunpuddles soon!


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