Mancat Monday

I was photographed in mid scritch here. Too bad you can't hear my purr.

I will let you in on a secret. It doesn't take much to make my motor running. I purr before I get a scritch or a belly rub.


  1. I don't purr as readily as you, Buster... well, unless my human pulls out my harness, leash, and treats!

  2. OH Buster, I am a pushover for scritchies!!!

  3. You sound like a happy guy, Buster! We can almost hear your purr through the screen.

  4. I think it's an orange thing, Buster. I too have a touch-activated motor!

    ~Your Orange Bud, Izzy.

  5. Squeee!!! Buster that is exactly what our former foster cat Rocky Rock Star would do. As soon as a human looked at him he would start up this really loud purr engine!

  6. Buster, I'm exactly the same way. The mom says I'm a non-stop purrer. ~Wally


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