Thankful Thursday

Having a #lazysunday with my human. #dontshopadopt #catsoninstagram #furbaby

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I think we may have mentioned it days ago that mama has got the busy. Well, news for you. Mama does not see an end to the busy in the near future. That means we will be less visible in blogland. Sad!

However, we are thankful for moments like this. Mama is thankful for moments like this when she's in the computer and papa and the kitties are all in bed watching tv or something. This was from 2 weeks ago.


  1. I'm sure your human would MUCH rather be blogging for you guys and catering to your every whim instead of all her business, so I kind of feel bad for her.

  2. Oh Buster, Emma...I will see you on Flickr then? XXX

  3. Awww, what an adorable, and relaxing, photo!

  4. We're sorry your mom has the busy. We hope it slows down soon because we'll miss you guys.

  5. Sorry your mom is so busy, Emma. We do love this snoozy and relaxing photo, though!

  6. My poor kittie's are asking, "Where's mama?"


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