Thankful Thursday (An Update From Buster)

Hello kitties and mommies and daddies,

If you noticed I left a cliff hanger with the last post and that we were on silent mode for about 2 weeks. I'm here yours truly, Buster, to update you of what's had happened why we were silent. For the most part, it was because I was sick for a bit. And then the holidays came along and the mama got really busy. Twas chaotic, but everything's settling down now.

I had some pee problem. First the problem was the pawrents returned from a weekend trip in the mountains to a house full of pee everywhere and a sisfur who swats at me each time I came near her.

One day while mama was getting ready for work, she noticed I was in and out of my litter box, about 6 times in a matter of minutes and there was no output. She woke up papa and told him my problem. Papa works near our house and promised to get me to the vet that day.

So before work, papa dropped me off an emergency hospital nearby (thank Cod he found it, we don't need to drive all the way to Berkeley) and left me there for the day to hang out with a very cool Dr. Anne K (we cannot pronounce or spell her last name) and many super cool techs too. However, later they not only stole my blood, they also flushed all the stuff in the internal pee box, which contained a lot of crystals.

That night I went home with papa. It was a Friday. On Saturday morning, I was going in and out of the litter box again and mama woke papa up again. He said that he did not get any sleep at all last night because he was shadowing me up and down the house trying to pee. I was immediately hauled off to the vet again and I spent 3 days there.

The entire time I was away, Emma did not leave the room, no matter how hard the humans try she just wouldn't get anywhere downstairs. She probably thought that when you go downstairs you disappear, MOL!

Papa and mama visited me everyday; papa working so close to home got to visit me on his lunch break too. The first time that mama visited me I was in a cage in the back room with a doggie as my next door neighbor. I looked like a mess with IV drip, catheter and the cone of shame. I think I broke mama's heart with that look, believe me those accessories did not look good on me. Every day the humans visited me and on the penultimate day at the vet, they got to visit me in an exam room. This time around, I was more like myself.

See for yourself.


The shaved front leg look did not look good one me.

At the course of the visit the amiable Dr. Anne K came into the room and chatted with the pawrents. I started to bite my IV thingy and she said no biting. I stopped biting, but I started to lick. Then she took my sweet face in her hands and said did I say you could lick it?, then she kissed me.

This is what I thought of her no lick no bite rule.

And here's a little video of me.


I've been home for a few days and was supposed to see the doctor in 4-6 weeks, but she spoke to the pawrents over the phone and that is scrapped. Good for me. What is not good is that I had to change my diet. I cannot eat the stinky food kibbles that I love. This poses quite a challenge to the pawrents to get me to eat the healthy stuff, especially since I particularly don't like wet food/canned food.

Some days it's a walk in the park, but more days when it's like pulling teeth. But the pawrents and I are committed to healthy living and healthy eating.

If you have a spare purr, can you send it my way? I'm still not out in the woods yet.

But boy how I missed all of you.



  1. I am sending lots of purrs to you, Buster! I have to say, we love our canned food - I hope you learn to like it too.

  2. Purrs and prayers to you Buster, I know exactly what that is like. Been there, done that, peed on the t-shirt. I had to get used to wet food and no kibble too.

  3. I missed you too. I am glad you are feeling better and have such caring folks. XO

  4. Oh Buster! We're sorry to hear about your pee problems. Wally knows all about being at the vet and getting shaved and stuff like that, so he sympathizes with you. But honestly, wet food is the best thing for you. You need that added moisture so you don't end up in the hospital again. We send you a ton of purrs....

  5. Poor kidlet! We're so sorry to hear of your troubles, Buster, but glad you're doing better now.

  6. Aww, we missed you a lot, too, Buster. We're glad you're on the mend, and we will keep on purring! Gracie has a shaved leg, too. She had to get some teeth pulled today.

  7. Buster, I am so sorry that you went through all this. PLEASE try to learn to like the new foods that you need for better health. You sure don't want to go through that again. I am just so sorry. Your momma and daddy also went though a terrible time worrying about you. Our pawrents love us very much. If we aren't well, they are very unhappy. Poor Emma..I hope she is close to you again after all this worry has settled down. I can't see the video, so I will go to Flickr to see it. XXXX to you and Emma and your pawrents.

  8. We are sad to hear about your pee problems and the stay at the vet's. Jenna and Marie are sending lots of purrs as they know what it's like to be cooped up in a cage at the vet's. Your humans might try a pet water fountain to encourage you to drink more.

  9. oh poor Buster!!!! We feel awful for you!!!!! We are sending TONS of purrs and prayers your way!! Why can't they make stinky kibble that is GOOD for kitties since we like it so much? Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. Buster I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well at all. - All of us kitties here and our humans hope you get better real soon.

  11. Buster, I am glad you are feeling better - and your Mom & Dad & Emma were obviously very worried about you . Please eat the food so you don't get sick again .

  12. Buster. Eat the food that's best for you. NO it isn't always what you want but its best.

    My Mum insist I eat this renal stuff. No its not perfect but I put on weight and she sneaks in some gravy from the Fancy Feast my sisters and brows eat. So its good.

    Get well * high paw *

    Harvey from the Dash Kitten Crew.


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