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We normally don't post on Friday, y'all know that. But the personal computer is open (mom is tracking a Christmas present that is delayed in delivery) and she has new photo of me taken a couple of days ago so here we are.

The Christmas tree is up. Unfortunately this year, tree guards are home all day making sure that it stays upright and none of the sparkly orbs become toys. Sigh, we could only fondly reminisce the holidays of years gone by when Buster and I have the house all to our own for a whole day. Darn Covid. Look what you did.

This week the peeps start to decorate a bit by putting fake poinsettias on the floor. Guess what? Buster made sure everyone in the neighborhood knows that they belong to him. When mom found out, she freaked out and decided that no decoration will be placed on floor level aside from the tree. Buster can be naughty you guys. Watch out Buster, Santa already knows!


  1. That's a very pretty photo sweet Emma! Hey Buster, I hear you're on the nice list so be cool dude!

  2. Well, um, isn't everything sitting on the floor a cat toy?

  3. We have two small trees, up high, because of two naughty cats.

  4. lookin gorgeouz emma !!! pleez N joy de tree "toys" for uz....we got nada in de way oh treez { yur peepulz WILL sleep at sum point ;) ♥♥☺☺

  5. Like da tabbies, and with me (June) not yet 9-months old, the ZH thought better of having a "tree",
    course I said "we could decorate the cat tree, right?" But she is scrooge-ish it seems ... likely I would
    be on the notty-list just like both of you. You are older and wiser than me: how does Sandy Paws
    know to put us on the notty-list, tell me the secret ...

  6. Sorry I had to chuckle. I have 3 cats that like to let everyone know what is theirs.


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