Flashback Friday

Hello kitties. We would like to share some holiday photos from past Christmasses. Buster's first Christmas

Kitten Buster's first Christmas. IMGP2030

Buster was the Christmas tree inspector. P1030980

Buster as quality control specialist, Christmas truffle department. 2012_12_29 038

Emma found the primo sunpuddling spot. 2014_12_25_26 050

Christmas Day 2014 2014_12_25_26 184

Just for the record, we never swatted or played with the garland.


  1. Those are all wonderful and we enjoyed each and every one!

  2. I enjoyed all of these flashback pictures and so glad you found them all, and remembered to showe them to us!

  3. Such sweet photos ... at just 9-months and into everything, we've chosen not to have a tree as June
    would likely tear it apart! Purrhaps we'll regret it, but there is next year. You have lovely memories
    to look back to for Emma and Buster's first Christmas and it seems they were certainly on
    Santa's nice list!

  4. What great memories! Your Christmas decorations were so pretty.

    1. What lovely memories. Merry Christmas to you two and your peeps.

  5. Oh, what sweet flashback photos, Emma and Buster! XO

  6. those were wonderful photos and I love your decorations!


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