Monday again?

Monday again? Okay, so I sit/stand here and no one can tell me I cannot do it.

Mama received this present from her friend and I was just checking to see if the box is made of sturdy material. Obviously, did not, since it buckled under my 9 lbs.


  1. Unfortunately, we must tell you that a Monday arrives every 7-days ... now, best you get down off the box, just in case you are mushing the chocolates inside ... we are guessing about the chocolates!

  2. You look darn cute Inspector Emma!

  3. It's a good thing you tested it out, Emma, because it is clearly defective!

  4. We hope you only crushed the box and not what was in the box, Emma.

  5. We think you should open it to make sure what's in it is OK!

  6. Good testing, Emma! Quality control is super important!

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