Mancat Monday


It's been wet and chilly this weekend here, especially Sunday. I was too cold it even came to a point that I slept on top of mama in bed, and I'm all 22 lbs of manly goodness. She said she couldn't breathe and called dad to get me off her.


  1. Happy Mancat Monday Buster. We know how you feel. We had so beautiful weather for a couple of days and than back to cold and windy. We hope it be warmer for you soon. Thanks for sharing the cute photo. Have a pawsome week ahead.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  2. Wow, Buster! I never realized you were such a big mancat. ~Ernie

  3. You sure look happy and content Buster!

  4. It was chilly here last night, I could have used 22 pounds of Kitty heat, my cats were all in the living room (apparently I thrash around too much!) You are awesome! We hope you all have a happy day.

  5. Buster, you weigh as much as THREE of me! But then, I am a small cat.


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