Sunday Selfie - Nurse Kitty edition

Hello kitties!

Our grandma came home after a 2-week stay in the hospital. They released her as a hospice patient and mama and her brothers decided to bring her home with us so we can have this time with her. Mama and the uncles (and their wives) take shifts sitting and caring for her.

On her first night here, when all the family were here to welcome her, I was there too. I sat next to her in bed. The whole family was shocked that I was present. Normally you don't see me or Buster in any family gathering. There are family members who are little and have grabby hands and we don't like them. But on this day, I not only sat next to her in bed, I sat on her ALL NIGHT long. I was Nurse Kitty at her finest. Mama was not jealous at all that I abandoned my usual sleeping spot in between her legs in favor of sleeping with my grandma.

Send us your best purrs for mama and her brothers. Very emotional time for all of them. Thank you.

Pee Ess...If you are wondering where was Buster in all of this? Well, he was in the room as well, but he stayed in one of the chairs and kept watch at grandma too, while I was on bed with her.


  1. That is so, so sweet dear Emma and we're all sending purrs and prayers to your entire family.

  2. I am sending lots of purrs to your family, Emma. I am not surprised you were there (and Buster too). We kitties will often reach outside our comfort zones to be healers. I know this for a fact.

  3. Emma, you are a wonderful nurse for your grandma. And Buster did a good job watching, too. We send love and purrs and prayers for your family at this very difficult time.

  4. Emma, I am so proud of you for taking up your duty so well. You too, Buster.
    I took care of Mama after her heart surgery. We just always help our family when they are ill. Love you Emma and Buster, and Mama and I here both send love and care to your Grandma and Mama.

  5. Somehow, some way, they know when their presence and comfort is needed. We had in home hospice for my Mother, it was a blessing for her and for our family each and every day. Angels now
    themselves, kitties Maggy and Zoey slept in her doorway ...
    May your Mother, you and your family be blessed with calm and peace during this time, it is a very
    important time together that will always be remembered.

  6. You are such a sweetie. Your mama and her family will be in my prayers. XO

  7. Purrs for your family, Emma. I know your presence is meaningful at this time.

  8. We send your Gramma and Mom & the Uncles purrayers. We are sure you and Buster being with her made Gramma more comfortable.

  9. Emma, you are marvellous! When our Daddy came home from the hospital Jo Jo did not leave him except to eat and use the box. When she went out, Kozmo took over for her. Our Dad found us furry comforting. and loved having a cat beside him and found it very comforting. You are an angel here on earth. We have all of you in our purrayers and send you strength.

  10. Sending you all virtual hugs of comfort...I know how hard this is. When my mother-in-law was in hospice we all helped around the clock. It is a highly stressful and emotional time, please take good care of yourselves as well. xoxo


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