A Love Letter To Groot

This is a long post. I request understanding.

Dearest Groot,

It seemed only yesterday when I first met you. With barely a peep coming out of your tiny body you followed me around the backyard wanting to be friends. Of course, I was enamored by you instantly, who wouldn’t be. Then I met your family and learned quickly that you were the runt of the litter and that you could not compete with your furblings for milk and your mother was not at all interested in mothering any of you.

Thankfully, in your village of kitties, there was another mother kitty who lost all of her kittens (background: would not want to feed her kittens at all, so they all died) so she had plenty of milk AND most importantly was very doting and motherly to you and your other furblings.

As the summer wore on, you were growing, albeit very slowly compared to your furblings and when you were weaned, we found out that you were not interested in the dry food that we feed your village kitties. You wanted the good kind. You wanted Friskies and Fancy Feast wet food ONLY.

Thus, we fed you separately from the rest of them, because you were weak and tiny and sweet and cuddly and 100% adorable. More importantly, you wanted to be around us. Whenever we were in the garden, the rest of the strays disappear into the other backyards in the neighborhood and you, probably because of your size and age you stayed with us as we worked in the backyard. You could have gone to the tool shed where you sleep at night, but NO, you wanted to be with people.

I remember how the catpapa and I would tiptoe around the backyard while we prune, or sweep, or harvest produce because you were always underfoot. And as summer slid into Fall and cooler weather, we were happy that you came out of the heavy storm unscathed. I especially worried for you continuously. If you want to check the text messages between catpapa and I you would see it’s always, did Groot eat? Is Groot okay? Good thing Emma and Buster cannot read; otherwise, they would really be annoyed with the competition.

Groot, I really, truly wanted to keep you; I know you know that. But I couldn’t. Buster and Emma were not into sharing anymore of their hoomans. They are okay with us feeding the strays regularly, but not bringing another one inside full-time.

When you showed signs of having a cold and congestion and then stopped eating for two days despite lots of yummy left-over turkey we got scared and worried for you, more so because we were going away for a few days. And while we have people coming over to feed and care for Emma and Buster, we were not sure the cat sitter will be able to care for you, especially since you were not eating.

So today, while working from home, the catpapa decided to take you to the vet, but he couldn’t because he had meetings one after another, so I took you to the only place nearby that had an opening – where Emma used to go until her vet retired.

I told them you are socialized feral and all your history as much as I could and with covid protocols, I was communicating with the vet via phone from the parking lot. One look at you and she was enamored too. She asked me if she can keep you so that you can heal and get better, and be available for adoption.

I know sweet Groot that you belong inside with a loving family, unfortunately as much as we want it to be us, it’s not possible at this time. The fact that this lovely vet suggested this possibility was like manna from heaven for me. Answered prayers. Someone cuddly and loving and sweet like you deserve the best life you could live given the difficulties you have experienced from birth.

We love you Groot and the vet told us we could visit you after our little vacation. I continue to pray that you will get better very soon, now that you are in more capable hands, and that you will find hoomans who will dote on you forever. Just keep the strong faith and fight for your life like you did all your young life.

Thank you for the memories and we love you,

Your temporary hoomans


So brave approaching me. First time to see a hooman.


100% adorable.


Up until this picture, he's just a gray kitty. But when I saw this on my camera roll, he looked like a Groot, so from hereon he is Groot - a guardian of the galaxy, aka backyard.


The first one to remind us it's dinner time.


Me at the vet today, saying goodbye to Groot. He did well riding in the car and he seemed very content cuddled up like this.


With the vet tech. Hopefully, not the last photo I would take of him.

Allow me to say that we have taken steps to find him a home before today, without success.


  1. Oh such a sweetheart and I'm sure Groot will find an amazing happy life.

  2. groot....st francis' blessingz two we wee dood that ewe get 100000000000000 purrcent better soooper fast N that ewe haz manee manee manee yeerz a head
    filled with happeez and healtheez....ewe iz one total lee kewl dood. ♥♥♥

  3. God bless you and God bless Groot, what a cutie! I am sure Groot will find a furever home, thank you for all that you did for him! xoxo

  4. Groot we send you all the purrayers and Power of the Paw we can...first that you get better and then that you find the purrfect home where you and the humans will be matched, whoever and wherever that may be !

  5. Bless you for looking out for sweet Groot and taking care of him. And bless the vet for offering to keep him and find him a wonderful home. He deserves that.

  6. Groot is so adorable. I am glad you were able to help him and he will have a forever home. XO

  7. Groot is so adorable. Thank you for loving him so much and so well to this point. We are grateful that the vet will get him well, and ready to find his forever home.

  8. What a sweetheart! I am purring for him to get better and find a home VERY soon!

  9. Oh, how adorable Groot is! Maybe the nice V-E-T will fall on love with him so much, she will decide to keep him. If not, may the Great Cat in the Sky send him a Forever Human really, really, really quickly so that Chrissymouse will see him in his new home already.
    Pawpats and kitty kissies to you, little Groot.
    Trixuw, Caspurr and Shimshi (and Mummy Shimona)

  10. Bless you for your loving care of baby Groot, and may he find the forever home he so deserves.

  11. Our mom is all SQUEE! over that baby boy. Thank you both for caring so much for this little doll. We know he will never forget your love.


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