Friday, July 8, 2011

When Mama is Away


The cats will tussle in her side of the bed - even if Papa is still sleeping.

Yikes, we got caught by mama's camera again, so we pretend we weren't tussle-ing.

Emma and Buster signing off


  1. Heh. I don't believe you two were tussling! You are perfect angels, as are all us kitties.

  2. Our Daddy sleeps through everything, too! And you two look totally innocent to us...

  3. I love the look on Emma's face! "Who, me?"

  4. Ha! Great capture of you two caught in the act. But how on earth can your dad sleep through the tussling? Our mom sure can't sleep through ours, when we do it on the bed beside her!

  5. That's not much space left for Papa! har har har *evil laughs*

  6. I think Mama and Papa should find somewhere else to sleep so you two can have that comfy bed!

  7. Very smart this idea, I love it!
    and when mammy is out, it's also time for a reunion "party"! What do you think about it?COOL!
    lovely shot,
    Happy weekend dear friends,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  8. We love, love, love the expression on Emma's face! And her above-it-all dignified pose. We just love you two! We could tussle ON our CatDaddy, and he'd never wake up. The one time we thought he was going to, he just threw the sheet back over us, turned over, and went on sleeping. Which was fine with us. We love playing tag-you-under-the-sheet :-)