Cats on Tuesday

Emma here. This is my face today after Mama didn't fulfill her promise to visit our friends this weekend. I missed all my furriends already and last week she promised that weekend was supposed to be for bloghopping, did she not?

Well? Saturday came, she did the laundry, ran errands with my g'ma, and then when I was getting ready for my nap (which is her time to bloghop) she went out with Papa all giggly and excited to see some wizards in their final adventure to defeat the dark lord. Like I care about that!

And Sunday you ask? Well, she left before sunrise to shoot the rapids in Gold Country. I heard Papa saying it's time to check one off our bucket list. They were gone all day. They were rolling down the river and going through rapids, can you believe that? Where oh where is the bloghopping time?

So when they came home Sunday night, a little before 9 pm, I gave them this look and some very cold shoulder treatment.

Do you have anything to add to my outrage Buster?

Buster and Emma 049
What me? I don't care about that Emma, I got enough treats, more than they normally give me and I got plenty of naps while they were out. When they got home, Mama and Papa were extra sweet to me - they were to you too :)

Pardon Emma, she's having PMS. I don't know what that means but that is what Papa always tells us when Mama is grumpy.

CATS ON TUESDAY - please visit.


  1. LOL! Emma, we'd be perturbed too...though, okay, extra treats and cuddles could win us over. :-P

    Our mom thinks it's pretty exciting that your beans were going down rapids! Very brave and adventurous, she bets it was a blast! Scary, but fun!

  2. ha ha ha! Buster, your explanation cracked us up!

    We think shooting the rapids sounds TERRIFYING, just think, your fur could (WOULD) get wet!


  3. We agree with the Katnip Lounge, that all sounds furry skeery to us!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Me and dad totally agree with you Buster !!!
    We know all about PMS !!!

  5. We don't understand why the humans hafta go off and do stuff...don't they know that we are their first priorities and everything evolves around us?? We are waaaaay more fun than shooting some rapids!!

  6. They were shooting the rapids? Are they in season? Hey, I do love those pictures!!!

  7. Humans and their obsession with water is still a mystery, but they seem to like it.

  8. Heh. Buster, I agree with Emma - I think your human should stop goofing off and start paying more attention to your online duties!!

  9. My mama saw that movie too, she liked it! I think your mom should pay more attention to your needs -- although I haf to say treats and cuddles win me ofur efurry time.

  10. They went to see a movie, Emma, and they didn't invite you along. At least bring some popcorn home, eh? Oh well....whip them into shape! har har har *evil laughs*

  11. Hey, Emma--You look hissed off enough for two! Do you know what? My Human 'bandoned me to go see that movie -- TWICE. Once regular, once 3D. Honestly. I don't even want to *tell* you how old she is. Let's just say PMS is a distant memory to her, MOL!

  12. Emma you are a doll and a sweet lady as well!
    I think you deserve lots of treats and cuddles!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  13. We LOVE Emma's serious face. But we kinda agree with Buster...but we wuz you, Emma. You dis gotta bees so patient wif your humans. Ours get all giggles sometimes too, especially when its something they call a-date-night. Whew they stays out late. Good thing we gots CatDaddy Junior here to see to us. You'd think it's be him, not the older ones bees the problem! Oh well.

    Say, we kinda thinking like Mr. Brian up there. How you cook them rapids after you gots them all shot?

  14. Oh Emma, try to be more easy going like Buster! Perhaps then you wouldn't age so fast and look prettier! LOL!

  15. We can certainly understand your being perturbed by the mom and dad's behavior, Emma. We think you should just work the guilt angle really hard ... then maybe you and Buster can get even MORE treats and snuggles! :)

  16. I totally know how you feel. My mom has excuses too, as if any one of them were more important!

  17. Emma, I fik yoo out-peeved me! MOL!

    Milo xx


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