Wake Us Up When It's Time for Our Treats

03-29-11 003

Sleep my darling daughter :D
Furriends, we are so sorry that our secretary, Mama, cannot visit y'all as often as we wanted to. She said she got work to do, the nerve! We cannot fire her as our blog secretary because, well she does everything else excellently, like give us treats on time, play fevver with us twice a day, and lavish us with belly rubs and head and neck massages.

She did promise to stop by your blogs this weekend. Meows to everyone. Happy Furriday and enjoy the weekend.

Emma and Buster signing off.


  1. Hi Buster and Emma,

    Be sure to tell your Mama that we understand completely, and that there is no need to apologize. :)

    Taking a nap until it's time for treats? What a brilliant idea. You are two SMART kitties!

    Have a great Friday, friends.

  2. Hi there !
    I agree with meowmeowmans that we totally understand and that there is no need to apologize !!!
    Treats are nom nom :)
    Have a pawsome friday night !!!

  3. Hi you two! These humans always use "work" as an excuse -- ours does too. But our mom totally understands. LOL.

    Have a great weekend, with lots of treats!

  4. Treats are about the only thing worth getting woken up for! Don't sweat it about not visiting - we're lucky anymore if we get to visit and comment once a week. And posting? HA! That's like asking too much, we guess. Y'all have a great weekend!

  5. Don't worry about the commenting...we just love to see y'all so cute and sleepy. We'll come back when it's treat time!

  6. We understand about the commenting and stuff, so don't be silly kitties! Hee-he! Really, our Mumsy has a deal with us now, we try and post and make the rounds to visit with our friends at least every two or three days. Otherwise, she just gets too much going at one time. Then she gets a little grumpy. We like to avoid that. :-) We sure do like that brilliant idea of napping till treat time. Course, if we could have our way, they'd be prett short naps! Hee-hee-hee!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. I do have to say, that's not fair of your human to slack off while you are sleeping. I think that is cheating.

  8. Oh you both are so sweet sleeping there!Sweet dreams my dear friends, I think I will go to nap zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Great idea!

  9. Hi Furriends! Yeah, I know about Slacker Humans. They're just sooooooo unreliable! But that's why I have fangs and claws. I'm very strict. Why, just today I had to dig a claw rather deeply into the side of her hand when she displeased me. It required a BAND-AID! I give myself extra points for that.

    I think you must be too lenient.

  10. We totally understand about finding time to visit! It can be hard. you look so cute sleeping!


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